Don’t sit in front of your laptop all day

College students no longer write their assignments on paper, most of the assignments are typed on the computer these days which makes them sit in front of their laptops all day. The pressure of assignments is such these days that students have to spend most of their times sitting and typing in front of their laptops.


Sitting in front of the laptop for hours is really bad for your eyes. Lately, my eyes start twitching when I type my essay online, so I’m starting to be concerned about my vision. It has been found that other than the assignment writing and studying work, students do other things on their laptops which are very time consuming also. Most of the students are addicted to the social networking sites where they spend so many hours everyday.


They chat with their old friends, view their pictures and watch videos on such sites. It seems that their laptops have become a medium to look into their lives. Students need to stop attaching themselves too much with the technology such as laptops and mobile phones. No doubt, this technology is very useful for the students, but students should realize that other things like staying in the sun and walking in parks among other natural things and activities are equally important too.

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