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Advanced Strategy: How to Get 6 Sales a Day Without Lifting a Finger!

Ok. I’m going to give you guys something that I must be completely out of my mind to give you. But, I want you guys to succeed SO bad, that I just want to give it to you.

Guys, I want you to know that this method I’m about to share with you absolutely will work. But, with that said, I want you to also My IE 8 has stopped working and I don't know why. I didn't download anything new. I did reset my CA firewall. I have cleared my cache. I have reset my IE settings. What else can I try? know that this is an advanced strategy. That means that this should ONLY be implemented after you have already put in place your own marketing funnel. But, if you have, then this strategy will be a huge EYE-OPENER as to what I mean when I say that you can make as much money as you want. Here I will give you MY OWN PERSONAL BLUE-PRINT of what I plan to put into place with my own businesses. I don’t usually like to talk about money, or let you know how much money I am or would be making. But so you all can see the potential of what you can do in your businesses, I am showing this to you.

Note: This is not mandatory. This is just something you CAN do. Once you have a system in place, you can build your business any way you want. But, with that said, this can be repeated as many times as you want. So, here it is:

Once you have a system in place, you can implement what I call a 12-2-1 Group. Here’s how it works:

In my opinion, an ideal structure for putting into practice your proven system, is: 12 appointment setters, 2 closers, 1 sales manager. Why is that such a strong structure?

Besides having your own downline exploding and expanding by plugging in to your system, putting in dozens of associates into your downline every single week, you can be able to go after sales experts to explode your business even more. Here’s what I mean:

You can hire 12 appointment setters. And these appointment setters My LAN connection disappeared after restarting my computer don’t have to be in your My E-mail Is Suddenly Asking For A "user Name" And "password" To Download My New E-mail And I Don't Know What The Answers, Why? area. They can be anywhere. All they need is a phone and high-speed internet service. There are different websites that will allow you to find and hire such people.

Then hire 2 closers who have experience and great skills in closing deals. There are my laptop screen wont come back on after computer wakes from sleep mode. Can someone help? so many people who fit this description. The My Email Seems To Be Sending "mail" To People I Don't Know Or Have As Contacts. What Is Happening? good part is that they don’t have to be super-great closers, because you will train them to close according to the easy closing strategy that you’ll learn from us. With our closing strategy, ANYBODY could close, but if they already have skills – even better.

And you yourself would take on the position of sales manager.

So, since you would already have a script that has Golf - Useful Tips On Golf Clubs been proven to work, then all you would have to do is train and teach your appointment setters that script. It shouldn’t take more than about 1 week. As for the closers, all you would have to do is show them your closing script and role-play with them a few times. It may also be beneficial to let them hear you close live or let them listen to some of your recordings of you closing (if you have any). This part should take only about 2 weeks.

What you would then do is provide your appointment setters enough leads. The appointment setters would dial those leads and set appointments and send them to a presentation. Then, from there, the closers get back Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Reception Venue in contact with the prospects after they listen to the Understanding Florida presentation, and then close the deal.

Now, based on my proven numbers, in general, here’s how the numbers should look:

On a typical day, each appointment setter will set about 9 appointments. So, that My Computer Will Not Play Pps Files Arriving By Email Attachment. Asks If I Have Latest Photo Viewer Updates John means all of them total will produce at least 108 appointments a day. About 75% of those prospects will actually make it to Online Multiplayer Games - How It All Began the presentation. So, that means that about 81 prospects on average will go to a presentation every day. Out of those 81 prospects, the closers will probably contact about 40% after the presentation. That’s about 32 prospects that they’ll have the chance to close. And out of those 32 prospects, they will close at least 20% of them. That means they’ll make you about 6 sales every single day! And that’s on the low end! The numbers will probably be higher than that.

Think about what that would feel like having an organization pumping in 6 new sales every day, without you lifting a finger! And that’s besides your downline that you already would have had built also bringing you in dozens of new customers every single week! If you knew how to produce these results, how many times would you repeat this process? I’m not lying when I tell you that once you have a system in place, you can bring in as much business as you want or can handle!

And depending on how much commission you make off of one product, your profits could potentially be huge! That’s why bfusgftey product-grouping is so important if you have a low-commission product. Imagine My HP ScanJet 5200C Is Incompatible With Windows 7. What Do I Need To Do? if you had an organization that was putting in about 6 people a day on their own. Imagine if your commission was $350 a pop! You’d be My Google Chrome Proxy Server is Not Working making a killing! Well that’s about how much our What To Know About Catia V6 commissions were in the other company I was with.

Guys, you should only put this in practice after you’ve got your system in place. But, do you see what I mean when I say that if you forget about money and just focus on setting up your systems in the first 3 months, then you’ll have a system in place that will make you as much money as you want My Email Has Been Compromised Twice By Someone Sending Out Emails To My Contact List That Wasnt Me. or could handle.

To find out more specific information on growing your business correctly and fast, go to Also, to find out a specific process for having success in a matter of months without all the hype, go to:
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