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At level 30 you'll do a last class quest, then after finishing it, that can be done your first job quest at gamerwell. But in order to do this job quest you ought to get a specific secondary class to level 15. You should do that before continuing. And keep what I've already said at heart for leveling 1-15, that's very fast and really should not take no greater than 2 hours, maybe 3. After you do your career quest and unlock your work, function what was outlined level 15-30. Daily roullette, then individual ffxiv dungeon queues, while doing FATEs while waiting unless you happen to be not swept up yet with hunting log and challenge log, then do those too. There is something I should mention about quick leveling that I have further down starting level 44.

At level 44 you are going to be able to complete the Dzemael Darkhold dungeon. At this point you can select to join or start up a Dzemael Darkhold (generally known as DD) first room grind, which can be where as an alternative to doing entire ffxiv dungeon, you kill all mobs in first room, then repeat. You get a lot of experience with a pretty decent rate. Look this if you want more details on it. Then at level 47 you might unlock Aurum Vale and may do the first room grind there. Many people will perform DD first room to level 50 and ignore AV first room, while some switch to it. If you do start first room grinding at 44, you need to find others that want to accomplish it for leveling also, or folks that simply don't mind helping. Just take up a party finder group for doing this and mention you might be new to it, unless of course you happen to be familiar with it simply because you did it on the main job.

First off, you'll want to understand that you can pick to begin your leveling expertise in one of two areas at 50: Coerthas Western Highlands or The Sea of Clouds. It's up to you that you begin, and you are going to eventually ought to visit both for your main story.

The new FATEs aren't rewarding whatsoever during a run through considering they are so spread and lacking in experience reward. Your main buying experience is going to be from the main story missions, Duty Roulette, together with quests scattered during the entire zones. That said, if you are looking for a more casual leveling experience you could consider leveling off Northern Thanalan FATEs until level 52, or 54 if you've got the armory bonus from developing a higher level character.

FFXIV utilizes a pretty friendly tagging system in places you cannot actually negatively impact another player through ‘kill stealing’ or reducing their XP for Neverwinter Astral Diamonds. In fact, tagging other people’s mobs actually increases their kill speed so everyone benefits! As such, a sensible way to keep your chain going (or build it) is usually to damage mobs that other players are fighting. All you need to accomplish is deal about 30% of these HP total in damage

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